The support given to co-workers has a positive effect on your project.

INPOLE provides support to your colleagues at all stages of their careers. Higher competencies, new motivation, validation of experience, preparation for change, support given after the termination of the contract; Our consultants will share their experience with your employees.


The balance between organizational tools and the knowledge about the company is the main subject of our training programs.

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Deep reflection on career plans.

It allows you to identify the strengths of employees and their career plans to further develop their careers. Explore the strengths and career aspirations of your employees to give them the opportunity for further development within the company. Start to grow and think positively about the future.


Compare points of view and identify difficulties.

Our highly qualified experts will develop a plan to work with your co-worker to support them in managing the changes taking place in the company. Tools such as MBTI, SOSIE and graphology provide personalized support and satisfactory results.

This dialogue opens the way to greater confidence and clearly defined objectives. Changing position, implementing the strategy defined by your company and improving the cohesion of your team will be provided by skilled coachees.


Our mission is to define a career plan of an employee, understand their expectations and advise them during the search for a new job.

Necessary support is provided to be able to find a new job.

Thanks to our knowledge of the labor market, we are able to offer jobs adjusted to each profile, which provides us with a high rate of returning to work.

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